The latest edition of World Poultry is now online

09-03-2015 | |
The latest edition of World Poultry is now online

The discussion on the use of antibiotics in livestock and antibiotic resistance has spurred on the research into alternative growth promotion. This edition of World Poultry focuses on this topic, plus takes a look at the ‘beautiful mystery of hatching’. For processing we ‘tiptoe into the footpad dermatitis problem’.

In this edition we present an interview with the new Novus CEO Francois Fraudeau who knows exactly where the main challenges of the international livestock industry lies; how to meet the demand for and availability of meat protein.



World Poultry’s focus on poultry health brings us an interesting article on how to keep coccidiosis manageable. This most frequently diagnosed disease is the most costly and thus the most important to be able to control.



In our processing section we are ‘tiptoeing’ into the footpad dermatitis problem. In a time that every part of the broiler has value, we cannot forget the substantial intrinsic value of healthy feet.



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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World