Third test for avian flu in gosling is negative

06-07-2006 | |

A dead gosling has been subjected to a third test for the H5 avian flu by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), with another negative result.

The gosling, from a non-commercial flock, died in mid-June, with an initial test by the Atlantic Veterinary College indicating that the bird had an H5 strain of bird flu.

A follow-up test by the CFIA in its Winnipeg laboratory a few days later din not find any trace of the virus. At the time, representatives of the CFIA suggested the virus could have been present, but degraded before the bird reached its laboratory.

This third test, which includes an effort to grow a culture of the virus, is considered more accurate.

Dr Jim Clarke of the CFIA said the Vet College’s initial finding was still credible.

“It was likely an incidental finding, something that had nothing to do with the death of the gosling that was submitted to the college,” he said.

“It was something that was present in the environment and likely represented no risk to either human or animal health.”

On Wednesday the quarantine that was placed on the farm on June 16 following the initial positive result was lifted.