Thousands of chickens die in Punjab

08-05-2006 | |

Thousands of chickens have died in different parts of the Indian province Punjab over the last two days, creating panic among people in the localities near the affected poultry farms.

No fewer than 2,000 chickens reportedly died of avian influenza in several poultry farms in far-off villages in the area.

The large-scale killing of hens created panic among the local people. Earlier on Thursday, more than 1,500 hens were found dead in some poultry farms in these villages.

Special teams of district health department were vaccinating hens and chickens in many poultry farms. They also collected samples of blood of the hens.

The executive district officer told journalists that the samples had been sent to the Lahore laboratory for chemical examination. He said no solid evidence had so far been found to confirm the bird flu.

According to the preliminary inquiry reports, he said, these hens had died due to scorching heat.

Meanwhile, the entry of the people in and around the poultry farms has been banned as a precautionary measure.