Top French chef wants end to ‘inhumane’ foie gras

16-12-2008 | |

A well-known Michelin-starred French chef has criticised what he believes are inhumane farming methods of one of his country’s most infamous delicacies – foie gras.

Frenchman Albert Roux, who has trained high-profile chefs including Gordon Ramsay, said the traditional method of producing foie gras, by force-feeding ducks and geese, should stop. He believes more humane methods should be used that allow the birds to gorge themselves, naturally.

“It’s the same as cigarettes, it should carry a health warning so that people know what’s been done to the animal,” he said, speaking at a cooking exhibition in Inverness where he will be opening a new restaurant in 2009.

The production of foie gras is banned in the UK, but it is reported that the British are among the world’s largest consumers.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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