Traders alter broiler eggs to ‘become’ country eggs

29-10-2007 | |

Small broiler eggs are being altered to look like country chicken eggs by the some traders to take advantage of the popular belief that country eggs are more nutritious than broiler eggs.

The medical fraternity, however, says that the broiler eggs are not inferior to the country chicken eggs, known locally as ‘desi eggs’. For decades, though, people have had the notion that the small ‘desi eggs’ provide more energy with its high protein content.
Traders have now devised a devious method to cheat customers by getting broiler eggs altered into desi eggs.
Small eggs discarded out of broiler egg crates are collected, which are sold for a small price. Later, the outer shells of the small eggs are given a brown-pinkish colour to look like the desi eggs by using tea leaves. The eggs are rolled in lukewarm water in which tea leaves have been boiled.
Some paediatricians, however, say that children should be given broiler eggs that are produced in farms rather than desi eggs because broiler eggs have more protein content due to the large white portion.

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