Tulderhof delivered 50,000 flash air inlets

08-04-2011 | |

Last March the Tulderhof company in Belgium sold its 50,000 Flash air inlet device.

In 2007 Tulderhof developed the Flash system which stands for “Flexible Air Shutter”. The inlet system represents an innovative concept in terms of air control. Tulderhof patented the system which meanwhile has proven its value in hundreds of houses around the world.

The Flash steers the incoming fresh air before it enters the building. It gets its direction through adjustable spoilers, which can be adjusted any moment. The amount of air is regulated with a vertically insulated moving slide.
The Flash is suitable for every poultry house. Particularly in very wide houses, the Flash directs the air extra deep into the house. It avoids obstacles in the house, like cages, laying nests and construction beams.
Finally there’s no no airflow into the nests.

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