Turkey producers to benefit from enzymes

31-01-2007 | |

Following the European Commission’s decision to award Danisco Animal Nutrition’s Avizyme® 1500 authorisation for use in turkeys, turkey producers throughout the EU are set to gain increased benefits from the use of specialised feed enzymes. Broiler, layer, turkey and duck producers will now be able to benefit from this multi-enzyme product.

The combined carbohydrase enzyme activities in Avizyme 1500 (xylanase and amylase) improve both fibre and starch digestibility in the feed. This increases dietary energy supply to the bird to fuel lean growth. This is particularly beneficial in young turkey diets that contain high levels of vegetable protein, for example soybean meal. The protease helps by making the storage proteins in soybean meal more digestible. It also reduces the impact of residual anti-nutrients that may still be present in the meal, such as trypsin inhibitors and lectins.
 â€œThis approval is very good news for turkey producers across Europe. Improvements in bird performance help reduce production costs as birds reach specified retailer target weights faster,” comments Anne-Marie Debicki-Garnier, regional technical manager for Danisco.
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