Two new poultry facilities approved in Greece

23-09-2010 | |

Hellenic Solutions Corporation an engineering and construction firm that specialises in the design, construction and equipping of commercial, agricultural and industrial facilities in Greece, has announced two new projects, Viocot Poultry and Zouras Poultry, totaling €4.15 million.

Viocot Poultry is a vertically integrated Poultry facility which includes slaughter house and processing of by-products. The project was recently approved by the Ministry of Agriculture for a project totalling approximately €2.15 million. Hellenic Solutions has been engaged to facilitate the modernisation expansion of the facility including the upgrade for rendering of the Viocot Poultry facility.

The second facility, Zouras Poultry, was also approved by the Ministry of Agriculture for a new project valued at approximately €2 million. Zouras is a vertically integrated hatchery unit where Hellenic Solutions will install custom made egg hatching machinery.

Engineering and construction of both projects are scheduled to begin during the fourth quarter of 2010 and will take approximately 8 to 10 months to complete.