Two poultry processors on Fortunes Top 8

26-03-2008 | |

A US poultry processor has made it onto Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies” list for 2008 in the food production category, and another rated as a contender.

Pilgrim’s Pride was ranked as a “most admired” company, raking 3rd place on Fortunes list, and Tyson Foods in 6th position, listed as a contender.
Fortune ranks each company based on several key attributes, including quality of management; quality of products and services; innovation; long-term investment value; financial soundness; ability to attract, develop and keep talented people; social responsibility and use of corporate assets.
Here are Fortune’s top ranked food production companies. The top four are classified as “most admired” followed by four more listed as “contenders”:
1. Bunge
2. Corn Products International
3. Pilgrim’s Pride
4. Smithfield Foods
5. Archer Daniels Midland
6. Tyson Foods
7. Seaboard
8. Chiquita Brands International
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