Tyson and Cargill announce layoffs

12-11-2007 | |

As part of its new corporate streamlining initiative, Tyson Foods Inc. is laying off managers at facilities across North America.

According to company spokesman Gary Mickelson, Tyson Foods Inc . plans to lay off almost 200 managers, with about half of the positions eliminated in northwest Arkansas where Tyson employs about 22,000 people.
The initiative, entitled FAST (focus, agility, simplify and trust), was announced earlier this year. “The goal is to place greater emphasis on doing only value-added activities and encouraging faster decision-making,” said Mickelson, adding that no hourly production or maintenance jobs were affected.
Cargill Meat Solutions, citing challenging livestock markets, rising commodity costs and disruptions in key export markets, has announced it will lay off 48 employees at corporate offices in Wichita, Kan., and at production facilities nationwide.
“We had tried to hold out, hoping that market conditions would improve, but they have continued to be negative,” said company president Bill Rupp, adding: “We did not want to do this.”
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