Tyson appeal denied in ‘raised without antibiotics’ case

02-05-2008 | |

A federal appeals court has refused to block a preliminary injunction that bars Tyson Foods from marketing some of its chicken products as ‘raised without antibiotics’.

Meatingplace has reported that Tyson filed the request in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., following a federal judge’s order forcing the company to stop its ‘raised without antibiotics’ marketing programme.
“We’re disappointed the motion for a stay has been denied and are evaluating our legal options,” commented Tyson spokesman Gary Mickelson. “We continue to believe we have acted responsibly in the way we have labelled and marketed our products and intend to stand our ground.”
While the decision does not affect labelling of Tyson products, it does affect the company’s marketing programme. Mickelson said that the company is not currently running any ads, and Tyson has asked its customers to remove point-of-purchase materials from stores. It has been reported that Tyson has until 15 May to complete that process.
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