Tyson chickens ‘Raised Without Antibiotics’

20-06-2007 | |
Tyson chickens ‘Raised Without Antibiotics’

In response to consumer demand, Tyson Foods is now producing all of its Tyson brand fresh chicken from birds “Raised Without Antibiotics”.

Tyson has recently begun selling 100% All Natural, Raised Without Antibiotics chicken. The product is being sold nationwide in newly-designed packaging highlighting that the chicken is raised without antibiotics and contains no artificial ingredients.
“While we have great confidence in the quality of our traditional chicken, we’re also committed to providing mainstream consumers with the kind of products they want,” said Richard L. Bond, president and CEO of Tyson Foods. “According to our research, 91% of consumers agree it’s important to have fresh chicken produced and labelled ‘raised without antibiotics’,” said Bond.
“We are the first major poultry company to offer fresh chicken raised without antibiotics on a large scale basis and at an affordable price for mainstream consumers,” said Dave Hogberg, senior vice president – Fresh Meal Solutions for Tyson.
Although the product will cost more, Tyson’s market research shows the higher price is below the additional cost consumers say they are willing to pay for such products.
Tyson will continue to use antibiotics on its birds when necessary and only for therapeutic reasons. Products from treated flocks will continue to be produced, but will not be included under the new Raised Without Antibiotics label.
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