Tyson Foods launches new all-natural products

22-05-2006 | |

Tyson Foods is aiming to appeal to consumer demand for natural products and convenience foods with its new product lines.

The company has introduced two all-natural convenience products: hand-trimmed, ready-to-cook fresh chicken and individually wrapped chicken breasts. Both of these products are expected to be available in June in the US.

Trimmed and Ready offerings will include breasts, tenders, drumsticks and thighs. As a value-added feature, all skin and visible fat will be hand-trimmed from these products, which will be marketed as ready-to-cook. Consumers are expected to pay 50c to $1 more per pound for this type of time-saving convenience. The company’s individually wrapped boneless, skinless chicken breasts will feature re-sealable bags, allowing consumers to use the products as needed.

Tyson also began producing its “100% All Natural Marinated Fresh Chicken” on May 1. It includes new packaging that spells out the attributes of the product: all-natural, no artificial ingredients and the endorsement of the American Heart Association. The product contains only chicken, chicken broth, sea salt and natural flavour.