Tyson Foods launches new corporate website

22-07-2013 | |
Tyson Foods launches new corporate website

Tyson Foods has launched a new corporate website that features hundreds of its employees and uses more visuals and graphics to tell the story of the American meat and poultry company.

The new TysonFoods.com includes more than 150 website pages, 800 photos and 24 videos designed to help the public learn more about such things as the company’s relationship with family farmers, food safety and product development efforts, international operations, and hunger relief initiatives.  

Tyson Foods has used TysonFoods.com as its corporate website since 1996, however, this is the first time it has been completely rebuilt and redesigned.

“We’re a dynamic company of people who make a wide variety of foods for customers around the world, so we’ve created a very dynamic website that reflects who we are,” said Sara Lilygren, executive vice president of corporate affairs. “We’re proud to invite people to visit the new site, which we believe tells our story more accurately, conversationally and personally. New technology will also help us update words, pictures and videos quickly and often, so it remains fresh.”

The new site and its content were developed by a team of about 75 employees from virtually every part of the company’s business. It’s the first Tyson Foods website designed to be used both on desktop and mobile devices.

The site marks the first time Tyson has highlighted all its international business with a map of locations, and the first time the voices of different team members have been used to tell the corporate story.

In addition to the TysonFoods.com corporate site, the company will continue to maintain Tyson.com, which is a consumer site that includes information about products, recipes and promotions.