Tyson ships poultry to China for Olympic athletes

13-02-2008 | |

The US Olympic Committee (USOC) has decided to import lean proteins, such as poultry, for its “Performance Nutrition” programme for athletes at the Beijing Olympics.

This decision is driven, in part, by concerns that such protein foods, if obtained in Beijing, may contain steroids, says the New York Times.
In preparing to take a delegation of more than 600 athletes to the Summer Games in Beijing, the USOC says it faces food issues beyond steroid-laced chicken. In recent years, some foods in China have been found to be tainted with insecticides and illegal veterinary drugs, and the standards applied to meat there are lower than those in the US, raising fears of food-borne illnesses.
The USOC has tried to figure out how to avoid such dangers. It has made arrangements with sponsors Kellogg’s and Tyson Foods to ship 25,000 pounds of lean protein to China about two months before the opening ceremony. Local vendors and importers will be hired to secure other foods and cooking equipment at the Games.
In preparation, Tyson has partnered with the USOC and will ship beef, chicken and pork to China. When the food arrives, customs agents will review the shipment before it is delivered to USOC representatives and taken to a holding site. The food will remain there for about three weeks until athletes arrive.
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