Tyson’s European poultry business tour

18-11-2009 | |

Technical representatives of Tyson Foods recently completed an intensive European educational tour, visiting key players in the European poultry production chain.

In October, in a one and a half week period, visits to EU companies in the poultry production chain in Spain, France and UK were performed. Visits were done to both headquarters as well as practical excursions to production sites, visiting the complete production chain, ranging from poultry farms, premix companies, compound feed manufacturers, hatcheries and slaughterhouses, up to fully vertical integrated companies, which includes own supermarkets.

Some of European key players in the poultry industry were visited during the tour, of which for instance Guissona Food Group (Guissona, Spain), Vall Companys (Lleida, Spain), CCPA (Janze, France), Groupe Glon (Pontivy, France) and Arrivé Groupe (Saint-Fulgent, France).

Poultry production worldwide knows many similarities, but also many differences. However, poultry nutritionists and veterinarians are facing similar kind of challenges. In face-to-face discussions, differences in broiler production systems and potential solutions for current and/or future challenges were discussed.

The main focus points during discussion were animal health, animal nutrition, animal welfare and legislation. Creating new contacts develops an information exchange between EU and US of which both sides may actively gather new ideas to improve broiler production even further and to stay an innovative key player within the industry.

Participants included Dr. Roy Brister, Head of Nutrition and Dr. Bill Hewat, Director of Veterinary Services, both representing Tyson Foods, and Troy Lohrmann, VP of QTI, the appointed distributor for Calsporin® within US.

The tour was organized by QTI and Orffa Additives, EU distributor of Calsporin®.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist