UAE to import eggs from the Netherlands

11-02-2008 | |

As from 15 February, Union Cooperatives in the UAE will import eggs straight from the Netherlands.

Additionally, eggs will be sold at cost price in a bid to lower prices of the popular commodity in the market, says Ibrahim Al Bahr, operations manager of the cooperatives.
There was a shortage of eggs in the local market following an outbreak of bird flu in Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan and other countries, which resulted in the price off eggs skyrocketing.
The Ministry of Economy had allowed direct import of eggs, said Al Bahr, adding that Union Cooperative’s first consignment would arrive soon and would be sold at the cost price in its outlets across Dubai and other emirates.
Following a ban imposed on the import of Indian poultry, poultry companies in the GCC and the UAE had announced 15-20% increase in egg prices.
The move to import directly and sell at the cost price, Al Bahr said, was aimed at stabilising egg prices. The direct import by the retailers would surely help bring down the prices, unlike the suppliers who jacked up prices for short-term gains, he pointed out.
Earlier, the Ministry of Economy had fixed the increase in the prices of eggs and poultry at a maximum of 10% and 12%, respectively. This was in line with the Consumer Protection Department’s ceiling, when the producers and traders were seeking a 15 to 20 per cent increase in the prices of eggs, and a 25 to 37 per cent increase in the prices of poultry.
The producers had argued that they needed to increase their prices because of a rise in production costs and feed prices.