UK: Grampian chicken factory closes doors

02-11-2007 | |

Grampian Chickens factory in Banff, United Kingdom, is reportedly going to close its doors, resulting in the remaining 120 employees losing their jobs.

(In the original news item, Grampian Chicken factory was listed in Banff, Canada. This was an error. The Grampian Chickens factory is in Banff, United Kingdom. We apologise for any confusion)
Hopes of selling the factory are coming to an end. According to company spokesman Alasdair Cox, there has been some interest in the factory “but nothing firm”. “We are still looking to see if there is a potential buyer, but if there is nobody, the factory will go through a de-commissioning process,” he says, which would involve removing all the machinery from the factory.
The closure of the factory was announced at the beginning of August by its owners, the Grampian Country Food Group, blaming the ‘fiercely competitive’ chicken sector and cheap foreign imports for the decision.
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