UK: Hard boiled eggs now sold retail

22-08-2008 | |

Noble Foods has launched a new product to help customers looking for a tasty convenient product- ‘Fresh and Tasty’ chilled hard-boiled eggs!

The UK egg packer and egg products manufacturer provides millions of hard-boiled eggs to sandwich and salad manufacturers nationwide. According to the company’s Group Marketing Director Finn Cottle, the idea of providing a hard boiled egg into retail stores seemed like a natural progression.
It is reported that current egg consumption per capita in the UK is 140 shell eggs a year. Noble Foods hopes the introduction of the new ‘Fresh and Tasty’ chilled hard-boiled eggs will help increase this number.
“[Eggs] can be seen as a fridge filler and consumers need to be reminded that they are a versatile, value for money alternative to other proteins. In offering an already boiled egg, we are providing time-poor consumers with an easy snacking solution,” says cotte.
The eggs are being launched in selected Sainsbury’s Convenience stores, retailing at £1.99 for a pack of 4.
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