UK: IAH concentrates research on viruses

14-09-2009 | |

The Institute for Animal Health (IAH), based in Compton, UK, has announced to focus its research effort on viruses affecting livestock and poultry, together with supporting scientific disciplines.

The IAH will investigate viral diseases affecting all of the UK’s economically important livestock species – cattle, poultry, sheep and pigs.

New complex in Pirbright

The institute will move to a new laboratory complex at Pirbright as soon as possible, by spring 2013 at the latest.

By combining virus research at Compton, on diseases such as avian flu and Marek’s disease, with established research at Pirbright on diseases such as bluetongue, foot-and-mouth disease and African horse sickness, IAH will be better placed to enhance its position as a national UK centre of excellence in tackling diseases that threaten the UK’s economy and wellbeing.

Compton site closed

Research on bacteria and parasites of animals currently conducted at IAH Compton will no longer be pursued by the Institute. IAH will be working with the scientists in these areas to fully explore how this research can be supported at other institutions. It is intended that the Compton site will close.

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