UK: poultry welfare rules at slaughter

03-02-2009 | |
UK: poultry welfare rules at slaughter

A consultation on proposed new rules on the welfare of poultry and other animals at slaughter has been launched by UK Framing Minister Jane Kennedy.

Kennedy stated that a proposal to ensure that animals in Europe are protected at the time of slaughter will be subject to comprehensive consultation.

The new rules follow an EU proposal that will ensure high welfare standards for animals killed in a slaughterhouse, on a farm or for disease management purposes and that they’re spared avoidable suffering. Animals, including poultry, must be killed by a method that leads to instant death or death after stunning.

“It’s important there are good regulations in place to protect animals and defend their welfare throughout their lives,” said Kennedy. “These proposals will ensure that any animal being killed on farm, in a slaughterhouse, or for disease purposes across Europe will be spared any avoidable pain or distress at the time of slaughter and that British farmers, who are already applying high standards of welfare, are competing on a level playing field.”

The consultation is open until April 20.

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist