UK retail giants say no to battery cages

25-05-2007 | |
UK retail giants say no to battery cages

With two out of the UK’s top four supermarkets reducing their sales of battery eggs, farm animal welfare charity, Compassion in World Farming, is calling on the top two UK supermarkets to also go cage-free.

According to Compassion in World Farming, Tesco and ASDA are falling behind their competitors by refusing to make a firm commitment to source their eggs more ethically, despite strong public opposition to keeping hens in cages and the recent announcement that Morrisons will sell only cage-free own-brand eggs by 2010.
News that the fourth biggest retailer will move to more ethical whole eggs under its own brand was applauded by Compassion in World Farming, who recently secured a commitment from Sainsbury’s, the UK’s third biggest retailer, to go cage-free on all of its shell eggs before 2012.
ASDA and Tesco have yet to follow suit. Compassion in World Farming is appealing to the retail giants to re-think their current policy and, in line with their competitors, make a pledge to go cage-free. 
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