UK retailer highlights home-grown eggs

26-04-2011 | |

Following the recent dioxin contamination in imported eggs, Tesco, the UK’s leading retailer, has moved to reassure consumers with a campaign to highlight its use of British Lion shell eggs.

The Tesco campaign will include information at point-of-sale, online advertising and a feature in its consumer magazine. Customers will be reminded at point-of-sale that Tesco only sell eggs stamped with the British Lion mark, guaranteeing that the eggs are 100% British and of the highest food safety standards.

The UK egg industry is also running an aggressive advertising campaign reminding retailers, food service buyers and food manufacturers of the high food safety benefits of the Lion, in light of the European dioxin issue.

Andrew Parker, Chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, said: “We are delighted that Tesco has taken this proactive step to highlight its use of British Lion eggs. The Lion mark has very high awareness among consumers, giving them the reassurance of top quality British eggs produced to the highest food safety standards.”

Source: British Lion Eggs