Unlimited Opportunities for the Poultry Industry DSM tour

23-04-2008 | |

DSM conducted a poultry seminar tour entitled “Unlimited Opportunities for the Poultry Industry” in Asia Pacific, aimed at updating and transferring new nutritional technologies to creating new business opportunities for the poultry industry.

The tour, which covered five countries and six venues in March, began in Korea followed by Japan, China, Thailand and Australia, with the China seminar taking place in Beijing and Guangzhou. According to DSM, the seminars attracted major industry players, and attendance at all seminar venues was overwhelmingly responded with more than 500 participants.
Presenters included Dr Lee McDowell, Dr Bruce Johnson, Dr Ulrich Altemueller and Dr T K Chung.
Optimum vitamin nutrition
Dr McDowell spoke on ‘Optimum Vitamin Nutrition for Poultry’, emphasising that vitamin requirements (e.g. NRC) established decades ago have changed little and do not reflect improved genetic selection management changes. He said stress that vitamin supplementation allowances must reflect environmental temperatures, energy feed levels and influencing factors; diseases, stress, parasites, biological variations, diet composition, bioavailability, nutrient interrelationships.  He concluded that OVN diets are necessary in order to allow for genetic potential and less than ideal management conditions.
US poultry industry
Dr Johnson gave an update on the US poultry industry with live production management reports on monthly production data in the areas of breeders, hatchery and farm management, broiler and processing performance, feed composition, broiler health indices, vaccination programmes and breeder flock ELISA antibody titers from which the elements are used to optimise performance and welfare of integrated broiler production programmes. In particular, HyD was used in all broiler rations in the US to reducing seven-day mortality and lameness, increasing breast meat yield and decreasing processing condemns.
Value of food safety and quality
Dr Altemueller delivered a topic on ‘The Value of Food Safety & Quality in the Food Chain”, reiterating that this is an important topic, and that reliable global brands and companies should play a key role to minimise painful surprises of feed/food ingredient safety and quality and to guarantee food safety and traceability to consumers in the amidst of global consolidation of the feed and food chain.
Innovative DSM products
Dr Chung presented spoke about ‘Innovative Products of DSM (HyD and CRINA Poultry)”. He discussed that HyD is essential to modern poultry production for improving growth performance and reducing skeletal disorders. HyD allows the poultry industry to deliver more hatched chicks, more eggs and more broilers to market. On the other hand, CRINA Poultry provides a natural tool for poultry to reach their genetic potential through stimulation of endogenous enzyme secretion and stabilisation of the intestinal microflora.
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