US agrees to buy poultry from Israel

01-11-2006 | |

Improvements in Israeli slaughterhouse standards have led to a poultry trade agreement between Israel and the US.

The Israeli government and the US government also agreed to advance the inspection of slaughterhouses in Israel in preparation for the coming renewed export of poultry to the US.
Up until now, the US has been refusing to accept poultry from Israel, because it claims that Israeli slaughterhouses used unfit procedures that did not meet American standards.
“We have changed the standards, expanded the supervision in the slaughterhouses, improved the enforcement system of veterinarian services in the slaughterhouses, and I have now agreed to advance the inspection by the authorised American officials,” said Shalom Simhon, head of Israel’s Agriculture Ministry.
The US announced its refusal to import poultry from Israel following an inspection conducted by the US Department of Agriculture, through the Food Safety and Inspection Service
The inspection judged that Israeli poultry facilities did not meet American requirements and standards. Furthermore, some of the facilities inspected in Israel were considered to have low hygiene.