US broiler exports and production down, prices strengthening

16-06-2006 | |

US broiler exports in April were 441 million pounds, down 6 percent from April 2005.

The decline is largely due to lower shipments to Russia, the largest US market broiler market. Exports to Russia totalled 96 million pounds, down 44 percent from a year ago. Although April shipments to the next four largest markets were larger than April 2005, their combined increase was not large enough to offset Russia’s year-over-year reduction in US broiler meat imports.

Total broiler meat production in April was 2.82 billion pounds, down 1.3 percent from April 2005. The major reason for the decline in production was that April 2006 had one less slaughter day than last year.

Over the past several weeks prices for most broiler products have strengthened, as production growth has slowed and cold storage levels have started to decline from earlier record levels. Prices for broiler parts have strengthened to an even greater extent. A continuation of breast meat price increases are likely.