US consumers want more product information

13-07-2007 | |

A consumer magazine has revealed that 92% of consumers fully support stricter food labelling laws and would like to know where food products have come from.

‘Consumer Reports’, a magazine featuring ratings and recommendations on thousands of products and services, said that the recent food scares in the US is the root cause of why consumers in the country have become more interested in knowing not only how their food was produced but where it was made.
“It’s much like a nutrition label or an ingredient label in that it needs to be part of the general information coming in about imported foods,” said the study’s co-author Dr Urvashi Rangan, scientist and policy analyst at Consumers Union, the non-profit organisation that publishes Consumer Reports magazine.
In May, the USDA said it would reopen public comment to its so-called ‘country-of-origin’ labelling measure until August 20.
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