US launches bird flu depot in Thailand

26-03-2008 | |

The US has launched Asia’s first avian influenza combat depot in Thailand.

Sponsored by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the purpose of this depot is for speedy deployment to contain avian influenza outbreaks in the Asian region.
“The Regional Distribution Centre in Thailand, the first of three regional supply centres that are being established worldwide, will help ensure that countries in Asia will be able to take fast action to counter avian influenza without endangering the lives of the rapid-response teams,” said Eric John, US Ambassador to Thailand.
The centre, which is situated in a warehouse near Bangkok’s International Airport, is stocked with 45,000 pieces of personal protective equipment, 440 decontamination kits, 10 laboratory specimen kits and four training packs, all of which are valued at US$548,300.
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