US: Murray’s Chickens – resumed normal operations

03-08-2010 | |

Murray’s Chickens announces that the company has amicably resolved all issues with the USDA resulting in full compliance with the requirements of the USDA Food and Safety Inspection Services agency (FSIS).

With that resolution the USDA has ordered a full reinstatement of Murray’s Chickens FSIS inspection program beginning immediately and the company has now resumed normal operations.  At no point during the closing were there issues with the healthfulness of any Murray’s Chickens products in the marketplace.
Murray’s Chickens started processing on Saturday, July 31st, and will continue to update delivery schedules.
“The support from our loyal customers and the 100 local family farmers who raise our poultry has helped to ease anxiety for our entire 350 person workforce over the past few days. For that, our heartfelt thanks” says Murray Bresky, CEO Murray’s Chickens.  “As we move forward, we will continue to produce the safest, best tasting and healthiest antibiotic free chicken in the marketplace.  What we’ve learned in the past four days is that our goal as a company is to be better than before and to grow from the experience.”
Bresky has also issued an open invitation to visit his plant announced our unannounced to observe first hand Murray’s Chickens.

Van Dijk
Zana Van Dijk Editor Dairy Global
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