US: OvoPro supplies new breaking lines

21-08-2009 | |

Center Fresh and Primera Foods have recently chosen OvoPro to supply both the in- and offline breaking solutions for the new egg processing facilities, located in Iowa.

At the end of this year Primera Foods will install the advanced 500 case per hour loader, washer, candler and breaker, for their off-line operation.

In 2010, Center Fresh’s Hawkeye Pride project will start with the inline breaking system. Center Fresh’s expectations required Ovopro to develop a removal system for specific sizes of eggs, known in the grading business, but now for the first time used in front of a breaker. This development was designed to improve the plant’s margin and overall efficiency.

More identical OvoPro breaking lines will follow at Hawkeye Pride, as the plant will reach full capacity in the next few years.

Douglas Mack, President and CEO of OvoPro: “The leadership of Center Fresh and Primera Foods are well known in the industry for setting standards of excellence for themselves and their suppliers. OvoPro, with support from Sure Products and Ray Blanchet, is honoured to have the opportunity to assist Center Fresh and Primera Foods in achieving excellence with these projects.”

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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