US: Poultry app released by Southern States

04-03-2013 | |
US: Poultry app released by Southern States

As technology continues to make advances into the world of agriculture, US farmer cooperative, Southern States Cooperative has released Poultry Pal, its first mobile application. Poultry Pal is designed to help small-flock producers manage their layers, broilers, turkeys and other types of poultry.

While commercial software is available for large poultry operations, this is one of the first mobile applications designed specifically for small farmers and hobbyists. Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, Poultry Pal allows backyard breeders to track their birds; store information like hatch dates, health notes, photos and more; upload and share flock photos with others; find articles on raising and caring for poultry; connect with blogs and other poultry-related posts on the Internet; and create shopping lists for supplies needed to maintain their flocks.

“We live in a very connected world,” said Steve Patterson, Southern States vice-president for marketing and communications. “More and more people rely on their mobile devices to provide immediate access to the web, and quick reference for the information they want. This application is aimed at our small-scale poultry customers, and gives them the tools they need to be successful with their flocks.”

The Poultry Pal app is available for free download at According to Patterson, this is the first of a number of planned applications to connect mobile users with the products, services and information they need for a variety of farm activities.