US Poultry creates storm relief fund

06-05-2011 | |

US Poultry & Egg Association has created a storm relief fund to help those that have suffered damage as a result of the tornados and associated storms that struck the Southeast last week.

USPOULTRY is currently identifying the relief organisations working in the area, particularly those that are serving the rural areas within the poultry industry, in which to donate the funds received.

“Like millions around the world, our hearts go out to those who have lost a loved one or suffered injury or property damage. Our industry was particularly hard hit, and we would like to assist those that are in need however possible,” said John Starkey, President of US Poultry & Egg Association.

USPOULTRY is making an initial $1000 donation to the storm relief fund. Donations can be made online via USPOULTRY’s website. USPOULTRY will post where the funds are disbursed on its website, with 100% of all donations going to disaster relief.

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