US poultry industry internships available for summer 2011

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During the summer of 2011 the Lee Campbell Poultry & Egg Educational Foundation will sponsor a work internship program for a qualified college student.

The goal of the Foundation is to help create a greater awareness at the undergraduate student level of the dynamic poultry industry and alert students to the many career employment opportunities available. By attracting interest in the poultry industry, especially export marketing, the Foundation helps students, when they graduate, will choose to make a career in the poultry/egg industry.

The Foundation carries on this effort in memory of Lee Campbell who was the president of the Poultry & Egg Institute of America and a leader in building US poultry exports in world markets. For more than 35 years Campbell committed himself to promoting the poultry industry in the United States and to expanding US poultry export marketing.

Since 1990, US poultry exports have expanded more than fourfold. Additional growth in poultry and egg exports in the future is expected and more marketing/sales managers and support personnel will be needed for the international business component of companies.

2011 will be the 21st year the Foundation has conducted this very successful program. The intern selected will be given the opportunity to work in the international marketing department in one of the most progressive poultry companies in the United States. The intern work location will be in the Southeastern region of the United States.
In addition to learning first-hand the workings of the poultry export business, the intern will be given an overview of poultry production, processing, and marketing.

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