US poultry industry urged to register

08-01-2009 | |

The National Turkey Federation (NTF), National Chicken Council (NCC) and United Egg Producers (UEP) are urging farmers to register their premises with the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) to help protect their flocks in the event of an outbreak of disease.

“NTF members recognize the importance of registering turkey production premises and encourage all growers to register their production sites with their respective state premises registration systems,” said NTF President Joel Brandenberger.

“Getting registered means chicken producers will be informed promptly if there is a serious animal disease outbreak in the vicinity. This will help protect the flock and the grower’s livelihood” said NCC President George Watts.

The UEP board of directors supports premises registration for egg production facilities.UEP encourages producers to register their premises under NAIS through state agencies and poultry associations working with USDA. UEP President and CEO Gene Gregory said.

Poultry growers and egg layers can obtain a copy of the brochure: “First Steps: Register Your Premises” by contacting NTF, NCC or UEP.

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