US poultry industry works toward worker safety

20-11-2007 | |

Companies in the chicken and turkey industries in the US will work with the US Labour Department’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration to implement a new alliance on worker safety.

This announcement was made by the National Chicken Council (NCC) and National Turkey Federation (NTF), which also stated that this agreement is focussed in particular at machinery hazards.
President of NCC, George Watts: “The poultry industry already has an excellent record in worker safety, and we are pleased to work with OSHA … to further improve our performance.”
Under the agreement, which will remain in effect for two years, the chicken and turkey industry will develop training and educational programmes on equipment safety; provide information on the recognition and prevention of workplace hazards; and communicate equipment safety issues to help forge innovative solutions in the workplace.
Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Michael Rybolt said that through this alliance, the industry will increase its focus on training and use of protective equipment on processing machinery to reduce potential injuries.
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