US poultry plant to reopen under new ownership

01-06-2011 | |

A Chicago-based company has purchased a poultry plant in Charles City, Iowa which had been closed since January. The plant should reopen by 1st September creating 100 jobs.

Charles Austin, and an associated but separate company, C-Go International, were the successful bidders for the former Bushman Family Farms plant with a bid of $2.27 million.

The owners of the Bushman Family Farms plant, Custom Poultry Processing, had an involuntary petition for Chapter 7 (liquidation) bankruptcy filed against it by creditors on Jan. 20, the day before the plant closed.

Jerry Hegtvedt, spokesman for the company, said the plant will be operated as a kill facility, initially processing whole chickens, with further processing anticipated.

Plans are to hire 100 workers, said Hegtvedt with previous workers given first preference in hiring. The company intends to ship 100% of its products to Asia.

Source: The Globe Gazette

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