US school case study’s Pakistani poultry producer

05-10-2012 | |
US school case study’s Pakistani poultry producer

Harvard Business School (HBS) has selected Pakistani poultry company K&N’s as a case study for its classroom discussions.

HBS faculty members select companies from around the world for a written account of a company focusing on strategic business issues, of interest to a global audience, which are then used for classroom discussions. HBS case studies are world renowned, and not only used by HBS faculty, but also by majority of leading business schools and universities around the world for teaching.

K&N’s is a founding pillar and beacon for Pakistan’s poultry industry, which started in 1964 and integrated all poultry production activities under one umbrella for providing better nutrition through poultry.

K&N’s integrated poultry operations include grandparent breeding, parent breeding, hatching, feed milling, broiler growing, poultry processing, and production of ready-to-cook and fully cooked chicken products. K&N’s Quality Assurance Lab monitors and regulates the integrated poultry operations to ensure K&N’s chicken products are wholesome, safe and healthy. K&N’s manages its own product distribution (including Pakistan’s most extensive cold-chain distribution system) and a chain of chicken stores for its range of chicken products.

Chief Executive of K&N’s, Khalil Sattar, said it is not only a great honour for the company but also for Pakistani business community and the nation.