US: Turkey Industry Principles released

07-05-2009 | |
US: Turkey Industry Principles released

Building on its commitment to responsible business practices from the farm to the nation’s dinner tables, the National Turkey Federation has released “Turkey Industry Principles”.

This is a comprehensive document that communicates the turkey industry’s commitment to animal care, food safety, the environment, industry employees, customers and consumers, says the National Turkey Federation.

“For years NTF has worked with its members to prepare guidelines and best management practices that cover a range of issues important to the industry,” said NTF President Joel Brandenberger. “But, there was not a single document that the industry, our customers or the general public could reference to fully understand the breadth of our members’ commitment to sound business practices.”

“Earlier this year, NTF’s Board of Directors directed the preparation of such a document, and we believe the ‘Turkey Industry Principles’ effectively communicates the industry’s dedication to sound policies regarding food safety, animal care, the environment and the workplace,” he said.

NTF’s Turkey Industry Principles includes a “Code of Ethics” and “Standards of Conduct.” The Code of Ethics affirms the industry’s obligation to: animal welfare, environmental sustainability, food safety, and human resources and worker safety.

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