USDA: interim rule for COOL

29-07-2008 | |

USDA issued a 233-page interim final rule for COOL as required by the 2008 farm bill.

It has been reported that the USDA issued the a 233-page interim final rule with request for comments on mandatory Country-of-Origin Labelling (COOL) as required by the 2008 farm bill with an implementation date of 30 September 2008.
The rules cover: muscle cuts of beef, veal, lamb, chicken, goat and pork, also ground beef, ground pork, ground lamb, ground chicken and ground goat.
Comments on final rule
According to the agency, “In order to meet the 30 September 2008 implementation date and to provide the newly affected industries the opportunity to provide comments prior to issuing a final rule, the Department is issuing this interim final rule.”
Comments must be received within 60 days and should go to:
Written comments can be sent to: Country of Origin Labeling Program, Room 2607-S; Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), USDA; Stop 0254; 1400 Independence Avenue, SW; Washington D.C. 20250-0254 or by facsimile to 202-354-4693.
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