USDA: January, poultry exports up

20-03-2009 | |

Broiler export shipments rose 33% in January when compared to 2008 figures, reports the USDA.

This, it says, is a reflection of greater demand from Russia, China and Mexico.

The export demand was reflected in wholesale prices for leg quarters remaining around 35 cents per pound.

“The strength in broiler exports, even with a worldwide economic downturn, may be due to chicken’s relatively low prices compared with beef and pork products,” said the USDA.

Forecast for 2009

Weak economic conditions, together with a lower import quota in Russia, are believed to likely take a toll on export demand. The USDA forecasting total 2009 US broiler exports will fall 13% to 6.05 bln pounds from the record level in 2008.

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