USDA releases 180-day report on avian influenza

05-07-2006 | |

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released a 180-day report on avian influenza (AI) efforts and the use of US$91 million appropriated in the Emergency Supplemental Appropriation to Address Pandemic Influenza six months ago.

The report details the USDA’s efforts both internationally and domestically to combat bird flu.

“We’re working with federal and state government partners, as well as industry to prepare the public for the possibility of a highly pathogenic avian influenza detection in the United States,” said Agriculture Deputy Secretary Chuck Conner.

“From the emergency response teams we have dispatched to affected countries to the testing of both wild and domestic flocks in the US, our approach will help to slow the spread of the virus overseas and prepare for the possibility of a detection here.”

For more information, see the full 180-day report on avian influenza.