Vaccination is the focus in Romania

07-07-2008 | |

Aviagen hosted a veterinary seminar in Bucharest aimed at providing support and advice for effective vaccination for flock health.

Over 60 delegates, representing 30 Romanian breeder and broiler companies, attended the seminar. Neil Clark, Technical Service Manager and Akos Klausz, Veterinary Technical Service Manager joined representatives from various vaccine and vaccination equipment suppliers to give presentations that covered a wide range of subjects, including vaccination storage, handling and transportation; methods of vaccine application; the importance of biosecurity and vaccination effectiveness.
Attendee Mariana Stan, Avicola Calarasi’s Production Manager: “The seminar provided us with the opportunity to improve our vaccination techniques and to discover new tools which can help us improve our vaccination process. It also enabled us to ask the presenters for help in finding solutions to specific problems in our farms.”
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