Vencomatic organises digital open door day

24-12-2009 | |

An alternative way for attending an open door day was introduced by Vencomatic. Through the internet farmers could see the interior of the new poultry house of the Davelaar family.

In The Netherlands, it is common use to organise an open door day when a new poultry house is build and equipped with modern equipment. Farmers invite colleagues and friends for a visit to the house, just before the birds come in. Due to hygiene measures however, most of these open door days were cancelled, because of the outbreak of infectious coryza in the centre of the country.

This also applied to the open door day of the Davelaar family in Kootwijkerbroek. They built an impressive 2 tier house for 36.000 barn egg producing layers, equipped with a Bolegg Terrace aviary system from Vencomatic. This company found an alternative way via the internet however, to show farmers around in this new house. Vencomatic invited representatives from all involved companies on farm and made a movie. This movie was then broadcasted on the internet, where poultry farmers could login and visit the poultry farm.

This digital open door day was very well visited. A short version of the movie with English subtitles is available at the Vencomatic website.

Ad Bal Freelance journalist