Ventilation the focus of Ross Distributor Customer Focus meeting

19-06-2012 | |

Ross distributors from across the Middle East and Africa recently met up in Antalya, Turkey at the annual Ross Distributor Customer Focus Team (RDCFT) meeting to catch up on the progression of their local markets, swap advice and talk about the importance of good ventilation on performance. Thirty one delegates from six countries attended the meeting.

Delegates were welcomed to the three day event by Regional Technical Manager Puzant Dakessian with the opening day focusing entirely on ventilation and being delivered by independent specialist and Aviagen consultant Bernard Green.

The day consisted of a number of top tips, including houses should be airtight in order to allow optimum ventilation to be worked out and beware of wind chill when using tunnel ventilation which is not suitable for minimum ventilation, vents should always be installed. A question and answer session followed by case studies and troubleshooting guides closed the first day.

“For those outside the Middle East and Africa, there is this strange perception that it is always hot. That isn’t the case. Winters can be fiercely cold and summers very dry with intense heat. Breeders here have to be able to manage birds through some real extremes of temperature and this session was all about helping them to do that,” Dakessian commented.

Day two saw national round-ups from Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Zambia, South Africa, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Dominic Elfick, Aviagen’s International Product Manager, also ran a biosecurity workshop. Day three covered issues including nutrition, a health update for all regions and the importance of benchmarking.

Source: Aviagen