VIV Asia 2009: more feed & animal health

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VIV Asia 2009: more feed & animal health

VIV Asia 2009, to be held 11-13 March in Bangkok, Thailand, will present a increasing number of exhibitors from the feed and animal health industry.

At a press conference in Bangkok, Ruwan Berculo, project manager VIV Asia-Pacific, said that the number of exhibitors from these industries together already accounted for 50% in 2007; and this is expected to rise further in 2009.

He added that this ninth edition of the show will present 500 suppliers from the feed to meat industry from 32 countries and hopes to attract 20,000-22,000 trade visitors, from 70-80 countries. In 2007, 65% of the visitors indicated to be interested in pig production, and 72% in poultry production. The 2009 show hopes to attract an even larger segment of nutritionists and veterinarians.


A special area will be highlighted at the VIV Asia show. The theme ‘Eggs’ will focus on improving the egg industry from feed to eggs, with conferences and innovation presentations, supported by relevant global companies and institutions from the industry, e.g. Big Dutchman Asia, Egg Nutrition Center USA, Intervet/Schering-Plough, KU Leuven, Lohmann Tierzucht, Moba, Novus Thailand, Petersime and WPSA.

Berculo expressed his relief that Bangkok’s airport Suvarnabhumi is open again after last week’s protests and said that he is confident that VIV Asia 2009 will be a success.

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