VIV Europe: ‘Complete and compact’

15-05-2014 | |
VIV Europe: ‘Complete and compact’

“The upcoming VIV Europe trade show will truly be one of its kind,” says VIV’s show manager Ruwan Berculo. “You can see it as a sum of small and regional shows, bringing business leaders from around the world together.

“Four years ago the very unlikely event of an ash cloud from a volcano in Iceland, paralysed all air traffic around the globe. As a result, the majority of the visitors were unable to come to Utrecht to attend VIV. Nothing anybody could do about it. Simply a bad dream,” explained Berculo. “However, we will compensate that in every way this time. VIV Europe will be more than ever worth visiting. It will be the complete platform for safe production of protein of animal origin. True to tradition of the show, poultry will set the pace at VIV Europe. Of course there will also be much to discover and discuss about other species, but poultry plays the strongest role.”  VIV Europe will be a complete show, but not necessarily big, Ruwan continues.

Place to be

“We believe that there’s absolutely no need to have huge stands where one may get lost. Instead, we think that it’s much better to have good opportunities to meet and discuss solutions for the future. Easy to oversee and understandable, rather than displaying hundreds of pieces of equipment. We aim to let VIV Europe “the place to be” for decision makers in the animal protein business. With a strong focus on innovation. Theme of the show will be “sustainable intensification”.

A full hall will serve as ‘Centre Court’, a hospitality hall with all kinds of options to meet and experience. There will be an internet café, a ‘halal restaurant’ and an innovation gallery, displaying the top 30 new products.

For more information, please visit the VIV website.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor