VIV Russia visitors satisfied with the event

21-06-2011 | |

The preliminary results of the survey held among visitors to VIV Russia 2011 reveal extreme satisfaction about the event, which was expressed in the high average score of 8 given to the fair by visitors.

This is a 0.9% increase compared with the previous edition in 2009. VIV Russia attracted a total of 6441 visitors, with 21.2% coming from abroad. A notable positive conclusion that can be drawn from latest figures is the substantial proportion of visitors from countries surrounding Russia, particularly from Iran (2.7%), Belarus (2.1%), Ukraine (1.7%) and Kazakhstan (0.8%).

Professional position
The question regarding which group of livestock visitors were interested in resulted in a strikingly large response of 15% for cattle/calves (meat) and dairy cows. As could be expected, most visitors (41%) were interested in poultry (broilers), followed by pigs (25%) and poultry (layers) (17%).

Visitors were active in feed mills, poultry farms –broilers and layers, pig farms, cattle/calf farms (meat), dairy farms, meat slaughtering companies or meat processing companies, large scale integrations or as veterinarians.

High added value
During VIV Russia, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation of the Netherlands organised an agricultural seminar ‘Russian-Dutch Agribusiness Forum on Dairy and Poultry’ in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. During the first two days of VIV Russia 2011, visitors were invited to attend the Meat & Poultry Conference.

This seminar programme was of high added value for more than 11 % of the visitors, according to the latest results of VIV Russia 2011.

Source: VIV

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