Vote for the Campus Chicken Compost Project

09-08-2010 | |

Delaware State University’s Poultry Programme has won a spot in the Pepsi Refresh Project. That means that for the month of August, everyone who would like to may vote for the Campus Chicken Compost Project.

The “Campus Chicken Compost Project” of the University in Delaware, USA, will benefit the community by demonstating that the daily campus cafeteria food waste can be composted by the chickens at the campus farm (a balanced diet & water will be provided daily).  Food waste amounts will be measured over the course of the year to determine how much waste was saved from the landfill.  After food waste is turned, worked and consumed by the hens, hay or straw will be added to create a deep litter compost system.  The chickens will work the straw into the food waste and turn the pile.  As needed, the piles may be turned by hand to aid the composting process. Compost and eggs will be used on campus and extras sold.


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