World Egg Day to fall on 12th October

15-03-2012 | |

On the second Friday of October each year, it’s World Egg Day: when the world comes together to celebrate and tell everyone, from consumers to health professionals, about the big benefits that go with eating eggs.

World Egg Day was introduced by the International Egg Commission in 1996. The event has grown in stature and spread around the globe. It is now celebrated with special events in an ever increasing number of countries from the Americas to Mongolia, Australia to China and all over Europe.
Each year the day is celebrated in ways unique from country to country. For example, recent events included:
  • Egg festivals
  • Celebrity chef & cooking competitions
  • Special recipe promotions
  • Children’s events
  • TV, radio and newspaper advertising
The inherent adaptability of egg recipes goes hand in hand with children’s mercurial appetites. From boiled egg to omelettes, quiches, pasta dishes, noodles and salads – and not forgetting eggs important role in pancakes, pastries, meringues and mousses.
Eggs’ versatility and price also holds great appeal to parents. But World Egg Day is also about educating the informed public.
World Egg Day falls on the 12th this coming October.
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