World Poultry 3 highlights VIV Europe

31-03-2014 | |
World Poultry 3 highlights VIV Europe

The nr. 3 edition of World Poultry of this year is being distributed. But the digital version is available online already. If you have registered, you can access all articles of this special edition.

First and foremost, Nr 3 is extensively previewing the upcoming VIV Europe show, which is to be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands from May 20-22 next.  In an interview, show manager Ruwan Berculo tells about the highlights of this edition of VIV Europe.

Apart from that, WP also previews the show by giving an extensive overview of innovations that will be on display.

Of course, many other interesting articles are included, such as on split feeding of layers,  the importance of determining incubation profiles and various other in depth articles.

Moreover, WP nr 3 is a memorable edition, as World Poultry is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. It was at VIV Europe in 1984, when WP was launched.  Nice coincidence and a good moment to remember and celebrate!

For this and more check out World Poultry issue 3 here…